What is a Solid Body Butter?

The sun is shining down and our skin is soaking up some Vitamin D. The days are warmer, we can dip our toes into the brook, and the fishing rods have been dusted off. By all measures, summer is upon us! And if you are like us, that added sun exposure leaves your skin in need of some rejuvenating moisture. And in our house, when moisturizing is the goal, we are reaching for an all natural body butter!

We love our body butters for deep penetration. Each butter is packed with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that soften, smooth, and increase skin hydration. But, with the arrival of warmer temperatures, shipping these wax-free butters can lead to a liquid disappointment. So this summer, we are reaching for 100% natural Solid Body Butters instead!

Why make a Solid Body Butter?

Our Whipped Body Butters do not contain waxes. This creates the dreamy application we love, but also results in a product with a melting temp of 28 to 32 degrees Celsius. This becomes problematic when shipping, as the product is often liquefied in transit. A solid body butter is a solution that allows us to enjoy our Better Bathing practices all summer long!

What is in a Solid Body Butter?

A solid body butter includes plant and bee waxes with the butters, oils, essential oils, and natural additives that are found in our body butters. The waxes raise the melting temp enough to reduce the likelihood of it melting while in transit, while keeping the melting temp low enough that the product will melt when applied to the body.

What does it feel like? 

It is highly absorbent. It feels like a body butter, but with less residual product on your hands after application. Your skin feels nourished and has a lasting hydration barrier because of the bee and plant waxes in the product. The aromas are exact replications of our body butters, including Cookies & Cream, Lavender Lemon, and Hemp (Unscented), with the addition of a cooling Mint for the summertime. You also have more control over the saturation levels, as it is slower to melt on your skin than a regular body butter.  

How do you use a Solid Body Butter?

Whenever you use a body butter or daily lotion in your routine, you can replace with this product. The best time to use it is just out of the shower or bath, especially after shaving your legs!! And with this pregnant belly in the way, anything that eases leg and foot care is alright by me! I have also been using the unscented Hemp on my pregnant belly for stretch marks, while Justin uses it on his heels and elbows to repair dry and cracked skin. 

So if you are looking for summertime moisture, in an easy-to-apply form, that limits mess and is rich in vitamin E and Omegas, a 100% natural solid body butter may be your next Better Bathing choice.