"Stink" Pretty: 3 Tips for Lessening Your BO And What To Look for In A Natural Deodorant

"I've tried so many natural deodorants- they just don't work for me."

This is something we get told a lot when people come in, curious about our product, but hesitant on the purchase. And 99% of the time, we're able to convince them to give ours a go, and 99% of the time, they are so glad they did! But if you find yourself in that 1%, here's some tricks that I've found that have helped me drastically. After all, everyone sniffs the soap shop owner. It's my business to smell amazing. 

It took us a year of experimenting with our deodorants, trying other companies (big & small) to finally create a recipe that we felt out did all those we've tried before hand. 3 years of using this deodorant, I found I naturally sweat less, I could go days without actually needing to use ANY, and over all, I felt more confident about my personal aroma. Seriously. It's one of, if not THE best, natural deodorants out there. I've made it so much I can recite the recipe in my sleep. It's a top seller!

And then something happened.

I gave birth to this beautiful, heart-stopping baby girl. And I REAKED! I was cursed with the post-partum-stink No matter how many showers I tried to squeeze in. No matter how many times I put on deodorant. I felt like I smelled awful. Justin swears it was barely noticeable and maybe it was, but to me, it just added to all my post-partum sadness. I couldn't stop my BO. I couldn't figure out why my deodorant wasn't working any more, and then I read an article. Did you know, after giving birth, our body odour enhances in order to make it easier for our babies to recognize us and find nourishment? And although that answered my question, it still left me feeling not-so-fresh. So I changed a few things that made a huge difference, and I'm hoping that if you're having issues with your BO, these tips can help you too!

1.THE DEODORANT: For those that are interested but haven't made the leap, or who have tried and failed, the biggest advice I can give you when looking for a natural deodorant, even if it's not ours, is look for one made with Zinc-Oxide (an in-organic, natural material, often found in natural diaper creams), and LIMITED baking soda.

Zinc-Oxide helps to keep moisture away from your skin, allowing you to sweat without feeling it as much, and eating away at the bacteria that causes the odour in the first place. It's the main active ingredient in ours, and since changing the formulation in 2015, we haven't looked back. 

All too often hobbyists will find a recipe online and just go with it. No testing, no trial period- just make it and sell it. Baking soda is often featured in these products and, although beneficial in the right quantity, can be extremely harmful in large dosages. Our skin's Ph level is in and around 5.5. The Ph of baking soda? 9. Using a baking soda-prominent deodorant, or product in general, will leave you with a very unpleasant chemical burn and a highly unsatisfied purchase. 

2. LOOSEN UP YOUR CLOTHING: My style has changed many times over the years but one thing I learned, the tighter the clothing, the more I sweat. Buy clothes that allow for breathability and that are a bit looser. Looser clothing doesn't mean losing your curves or professionality, it just means accenting different parts of your body to better encourage movement without restriction. On days were I'm talking in front of a crowd or meeting with an important client I make extra sure to wear looser clothing to discourage stress sweat so I can feel confident and can focus on the task at hand. 

3. DRINK MORE WATER: I feel like any blog about anything always says "Drink More Water", and I'm sorry, but here it is again! Flushing out toxins helps decrease your BO drastically. TMI but think about your trips to the bathroom. It's a lot clearer and less odorous when you've drank enough fluids, right? So why would your sweat be any different. By drinking enough water, not only will you smell better, but you'll be more energized, have a better complexion, and enjoy soooooooooooooooo many other benefits. There's a quote going around that I feel in my soul; "Make sure you get enough sunlight and plenty of water. You're basically a house plant with more complicated emotions."

So there you have it. What to look for in a natural deodorant, how to naturally reduce your body odour, and why I refuse to stink anything less than pretty.

Want to give our deodorant a try? Stop by the Saint John City Market, Monday-Saturday 9-5, or shop online at: https://www.bubblesandbalms.ca/collections/deodorant

Ps. Justin uses our deodorants and he still smells amazing at the end of every day <3 

Thanks for reading, Bubblers! Please reach out without hesitation with any comments, questions or other tips on how to naturally reduce your BO. Until next time, stay bubbly.