Masks are a reality, but Maskne doesn't have to be!!

Facemasks now play an essential role in our everyday lives. We wear them to work, school, stores, events, and just about everwhere else! They keep us safe, they act as the ultimate outfit accessory, and they help us sneak away with a little less make-up to wear. However, they often lead us to wonder, where is all of this acne coming from?!

When masks are worn, they provide a layer of protection. But they can also irritate the skin, clog pores, and flare acne by creating an environment where your skin has an increase in moisture. Healthcare and frontline workers tend to wear tighter fitting masks, which adds intensity to acne development since the conditions for the bacteria growth are heightened. 

Maskne is the unfair consequence of wearing a mask. Occlusion can cause these breakouts by trapping your breath beneath the mask, keeping your skin surface warm and moist for pores to clog, and quickly developing into acne mechanica. This is the same form of acne that athletes experience when wearing helmets or uniforms that rub and trap sweat. Only now, this acne is being plastered around our mouths and in the areas around the nose… gross. 

Good thing you’re about to learn some methods to keep your skin healthy & glowing:

1) Wash. That. Mask.

    Treat your mask like your undies, and wash them frequently. Just think about all of the dirt and oils that are collected from your mask each day, or even each hour. Wearing an old sweaty mask will only breed more acne, so keep your mask clean to help keep your skin fresh.

2) Chose Wisley.

    When choosing your mask, we recommend finding a fabric that is 100% cotton. An air filter company called Smart Air did a study comparing mask fabrics. They found that cotton provides a good balance of protection and breathability. Since cotton is proven to filter better than other materials, it will decrease the likelihood of intense occlusion happening within your mask. 

3) Girl, Wash Your Face.

    Always put your mask on over a clean face. This prevents more dirt and oil from being trapped, thus causing a lesser probability for acne to grow. However, please wash responsibly. Overwashing your face can cause it to dry out, tricking it into thinking it needs to produce more oil, which will give you more of the maskne that you are trying to avoid in the first place. We recommend the Lavender Goats Milk bar for a gentle, soothing cleanse. 

We hope you use this as a simple guide to keeping your confidence high by being maskne free!