How to start your Better Bathing journey

We make around 35,000 decisions each day, and every one makes an impact. It doesn’t matter whether you’re choosing to take a shower, soak in a bath, or use dry shampoo for the 5th day in a row. Even choosing to wait and keep the wrapper in your pocket until the nearest waste-bin. It all holds importance. Your decisions can help shape you, your loved ones, and your planet for the better. This is why we help Canadians ditch the plastics, guilt, and toxins that are polluting bathrooms and store shelves from Coast to Coast. All with natural & zero-waste daily care that works as hard as YOU do to make the world a better place. 

After all, you have two homes; your body and your planet. We’re here to help you treat them as a priority by committing to a Better Bathing resolution and starting your journey towards a sustainable lifestyle. Before deciding on your Better Bathing resolution(s) for 2021, start by setting your skincare boundaries. Asking questions like, ‘Do I have sensitive skin? Am I unintentionally supporting animal cruelty? Is a bar of soap the better environmental choice?’ All help identify your values and preferences that will act as the guiding star to your Better Bathing journey.

It’s no secret that our world is in the midst of a massive plastic crisis, and one of its largest contributors is the beauty industry. Within just one year, over 120 billion packaging units of bottles, jars, tubes, lids, labels are mass-produced for products like shampoo, moisturizers, and deodorants.  Part of our Better Bathing Resolution for 2020 was to no longer contribute to the 3.4 billion pounds of plastic packaging that enter the Canadian market every year by leading cosmetic brands like L'Oréal Paris, Gillette, and Nivea. Knowing that 70% of plastic waste is estimated to end up in the ocean or our landfills, we are beyond proud to help you be part of the solution by removing plastics from your daily care routine. 

There is no such thing as “Away” when you throw something away. This is why our Better Bathing products were designed with post-consumer pulp to compost within 2-3 months when placed in a compost bin or biodegrade within five months in a landfill setting.  So no matter how you throw something “Away,” the planet will thank you. Because when you choose compostable packaging, you are lowering your home waste, protecting your environment, reducing your carbon footprint, and creating new market demand so we can one day live in a world where plastic isn’t the norm. 

Switching to a zero-waste shampoo bar is a great first step to combatting the plastic crisis. You might be thinking, ‘what difference can one shampoo bar make?’ Well, let’s say you buy a bottle of shampoo every two months; by the end of the year, that’s six. If every person in Saint John, NB used six bottles, we would see over 400,000 empty bottles piled in our landfills in just one year. But don’t be discouraged by this overwhelming and unnecessary amount of plastic, as it can easily be replaced with a waste-free alternative, starting with you and your bathroom. 

Go to your bathroom, and pick up the first beauty care product on your shelf. Now read the label, and honestly say whether you recognized at least half of the ingredients. Unless it were natural, your answer would most likely be “No,” but the problem here isn’t our vocabulary levels. The problem is that people are accustomed to unintentionally using unnecessary and harmful chemicals on their skin. That long list of unrecognizable ingredients is a business bluntly stating, “We don’t care”, as they hide the realities under pretty packaging and celebrity testimonials.

With the help of Bubbles & Balms, we will make sure you get to know every ingredient that goes into your family’s daily routines. Each Better Bathing product is handcrafted and designed with 100% natural ingredients for your skin and our environment’s safety. So you can restore your skin to its healthiest glory without the worry of sulfates, parabens, dyes, silicones, or synthetic fragrances. 

Skipping aisles in the grocery store due to fragrance sensitivities shouldn’t have to be part of the norm. After all, aromas are supposed to be enjoyed, not feared. It can be hard to enjoy aroma benefits when they are chemically designed to imitate those that hold true benefits. Synthetic fragrances may smell pretty, but we can all agree that they aren’t worth the consequences of headaches, throat/eye irritation, nausea, or asthma. This is why we only 100% pure essential oils in our Better Bathing products. So you can always enjoy the holistic benefits of blends like Mothers Knows Best, Pink Lemonade, and Cookies & Cream without any ‘catch.’ 

Sparkly bath bombs loaded with glitter are not as fun as they may seem. When the tub is unplugged, millions of micro-plastic pieces are sucked down the drain, through our waters, and into the bellies of our ocean life. With the help of Bubbles & Balms will never have to worry about micro-plastics or artificial colorants in any of your Better Bathing products. So you can enjoy the beautiful variety of colors each product has to offer, knowing they are from sustainably sourced clays and plant extracts. 

It is estimated that more than 115 million animals worldwide are used in laboratory experiments every year. That’s means over 300,000 animals are still subjected to inhumane testing every day by brands like Aveeno, Head & Shoulders,  Lady Speed Stick, and Purell. We have proudly refused animal testing since our founding in 2014, and in late 2020 opted for the Leaping Bunny certification so our daily-care products can help you take care of your planet and the animals on it. So, next time you run out of your favorite soap, shampoo, or lotion, look for a cruelty-free badge on their packaging or website. The results will often shock you. Remember, the BEST way you can help put an end to Cosmetic Animal Cruelty is by going Cruelty-Free! 

A Message from our Founders:

We were once asked, “what impact can a small, independent business really have?”
To that, we answered, "We want our children to have a better planet, or at least as good of a planet, as we have had. Not doing anything isn't going to help us see that happen. Once you know better, you do better. A lot of people trying to be just a little bit better creates one hellova impact overall."
We are so happy that you are choosing to better your daily routine this year with at least one Better Bathing resolution.

Below we have some recommendations on what the next step of your Better Bathing journey could look like! 

👉 Switching from handwashes and body washes to Bar Soap
👉 Switching from shampoo bottles to Shampoo Bars.
👉 Switching from canned shaving cream to Shaving Bars.
👉 Switching from antiperspirants to Natural Deodorants.
👉 Switching conditioner and exfoliators to Shower Bombs
👉 Switching from makeup remover to Little Bum Soothing Skin Salve
👉 Switching from burning candles to diffusing Essential Oils. 
👉 Switching from plastic packaging to Compostable Packaging.
👉 Stop supporting brands that test on animals.