Choosing a Bar Soap for YOUR Skin Type

Just like how not all skin types are the same, not all soaps are created equal. Whether living with eczema, rough skin, baby skin, or even acne-prone skin know that there is a natural bar designed to help you reach for a little better every day. Each of our handcrafted soaps varies in raw and naturally derived ingredients, specifically tailored to benefit complexions ranging from the oily, dry, combination, and (of course) ultra-sensitive skin types. By knowing what to look for, you can more easily find the natural bar soaps best suitable for your individual skincare needs. 

Washing hands with Natural Soap


If you have Oily Skin:

It was found that oily and acne-prone skin types perform best with natural soap bars that contain astringent additives, like activated charcoal, clays, and muds. These astringent additives are known to help tone the skin and make it firm by healthily constricting the pores with the help of antioxidants which fight bacteria on the skin, making it feel (and look) clean and fresh.
Another ingredient to look for would be coconut oil, as it offers a high cleansing feature helpful for oily skin types. When looking for the coconut oil under “Ingredients”, choose a bar that has it listed as their second or third ingredient, as products are listed in chronological order based on quantity included. 

Recommended Better Bathing Bars: Tea Tree & Charcoal, By the Bay 

Washing Face with Beat the Breakout Bar


If you have Dry Skin

It was found that dry skin types perform best with natural soap bars that contain added fat content, which can come from both plants or animal milk. We choose to use goat’s milk in our Better Bathing bars because its saturated fats increase the soap's lather, while its unsaturated fats provide moisturizing and nourishing relief. Another ingredient to look for would be olive oil, listed as the first, preferably with little or no coconut oil included. Coconut oil is great for oily skin types but tends to make dry skin types feel even dryer. Whereas olive oil helps to produce a moisturizing creamy rich lather, known to help combat flaky skin.

Recommended Better Bathing Bars: Lavender Goats MilkHoney & Oats

Lavender Goats Milk Bar


If you have Combination Skin:

The combination skin type is a blend of dry and oily complexions, meaning a blend of the two above guides. Pure coconut soaps are fantastic for this skin type because when coconut oil is used as the sole ingredient of a bar recipe, there are extra moisturizing super fats in the final product. Making a creamy bar perfect for balancing skin types!

Recommended Better Bathing Bars: Coconut-Lime, Hey Jude 

Pure Coconut- Hey Jude Soap


If you have Sensitive Skin: 

All of our soaps are handcrafted with sensitive skin types in mind, catering to the fact it is best to look for soaps that have either a milk fat or have olive oil listed as the first ingredient. Olive oil is well known for its gentleness, often being reserved for infants and those with the most delicate skin. Additives such as calendula, oatmeal, or honey are great additions to bars as they carry anti-inflammatory properties specific to the skin. 

Recommended Better Bathing Bars: Honey & Oats, Patchouli Goats Milk 

Baby in Bath with Honey & Oats Bar