A Bubbler Pregnancy (Part 1 of 2)

A natural, informed guide for Mothers-to-be

We’ve always been asked about essential oils and pregnancy, but as we have just welcomed the first of our Bubble Babies into the world, mothers-to-be have been reaching out more and more. And rightfully so! I could always recommend from the countless hours of research, but could never fully relate with our Bubble Mamas until now. So here’s my go-to products, my absolute favourite solutions for pregnancy ailments, and my love and guidance for all you Mamas to be!


I was so lucky to have minimal nausea during my pregnancy and I highly credit it to being around my oils on such a regular basis. A few weeks in the first and final trimester were the only times I really felt like I needed to live with a bucket dangling from my head like a horse with a feed basket. Peppermint and ginger provided minimal relief, ginger tabs just made things worse, and don’t even get me started on the drywall that is “plain crackers”. That’s when I read about Lemon essential oil! A 2014 controlled, double blind randomized clinical trial showed that the severity and frequency of nausea and vomiting decreased significantly (nearly half!) in pregnant woman who inhaled Lemon essential oil during times of nausea! I began keeping a bottle in my pocket (especially on car drives and social gatherings) and placed a few drops in the diffuser to be turned on as soon as I woke up. A few sniffs and within 5 minutes my nausea was settled...at least to the point where I could eat and not have to continue my love affair with the closest bathroom!! Drinking lemon water (with actual lemon juice) was also a big help! Instead of keeping a plain water jug in the fridge, we simply started putting sliced lemons in to make it an easy grab-and-go drink that we could both enjoy throughout the day.


I’m not going to lie. You’re limited with what you can use for pain when it comes to essential oils and pregnancy. BUT limitation does not disqualify you from finding relief. Baths. Baths. Baths. And more baths! Our Lavender bath salts were my saving grace. Half a cup of our salts (high in magnesium) and mixed with ¼ cup of baking soda on bad days, made for a much happier pregnant mama! Once you get over the first half of your pregnancy, you can then start using our Mint-Haven salts (Peppermint, Lavender & Rosemary) for extra hard days. Salt baths are a fantastic way to relieve those expanding, aching joints, water retention and not to mention helps a floppy walrus (we’ve all felt like this) sleep easier! This is also a time that having a support person, whether it be your partner, your friend or an expected grandparent to-be, shower you with love. “Need anything?” Yes. A 20 minute foot rub, a clean shirt and some tacos. Do NOT say no to help. That was something that my pregnancy taught me.. Being a passive person and shying away from help is not something you’ll be able to keep up with. At Least not with your sanity in tact. (Ask Justin how I know this.) People want to help. So whether it’s your girlfriend coming over and doing the dishes while you kick your feet up and watch the newest episode of Grey’s, or your husband massaging your feet, half asleep after working a 16 hour day (he’s a keeper), enjoy the extra support and stop feeling guilty for saying yes!

Growing Belly

Vanity at its finest. I was going to try everything in my power to reduce stretch marks during my pregnancy. Our Hemp Butter was a necessity! Unscented and filled with natural fats and vitamins that my skin loved, I applied it morning and night religiously.. And anytime in between when my skin started to crawl with tightening itches. Once I was halfway through my pregnancy I wanted to spice things up a bit and began using our Cookies and Cream Body Butter (which may or may not have lead to many late night drives to 7/11 for a chocolate bar.. Or 2…). 4 months postpartum and just a few squiggly lines on my love handles.. Forgot to lotion the love handles!! But regardless, my vanity and I are pretty ecstatic about the results from my daily butter applications!

I'll be back with more tips and experiences next week. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to reach out and chat with me directly! You can reach us any day of the week through our facebook page or by email at info@bubblesandbalms.ca.