10 ways compostable packaging will make our lives better!!

Going Blue

We are so excited to be going blue with our zero-waste packaging! Blue beauty gives back to the planet, which is exactly what we are looking to do with turning our line of sustainable daily-care products into a compostable step you can be proud of taking on your low-to-no waste journey! September 28 will be a milestone moment as we launch our zero-waste packaging, the first milestone of the Better Bathing Initiative that you support everytime you adopt one of our products into your Daily-Care routine!

We can't wait until September 28 so we can all enjoy these 10 ways compostable packaging will make everyday a little bit better;

  1. changing our bathroom garbage cans into green bins!!
  2. ditching the plastic...alllllllllll that plastic
  3. asking everyone what they do with their deodorant when it's empty and then saying 'yeah, I compost mine' before they answer
  4. having cupboards free of glass jars that can't be recycled
  5. sharing our compost pics in the spring ;)
  6. turning our lip balm tubes into food for our garden
  7. using packaging made of 100% post consumer material
  8. taking on a lifestyle our children will be proud of
  9. tossing our cream jars out with our apple cores
  10. loving our Daily-Care routine a little bit more <3 

Thank you for being here!!

If you are reading this, thank you! Thank you for making us a part of your journey and for taking the time to make better choices around the ingredients and packaging you bring into your home. You're doing good things.